Mudgee NSW

Location strongly influences the character of wines. They call it terroir.

But wine also strongly influences the character of places … and in this case it’s called Mudgee.

Like its many single vineyard family wineries that work hard to produce a premium product – Mudgee itself now enjoys a premium lifestyle. It embodies quality over quantity in the same manner as those towns that embrace Cittaslow eco-gastronomy principles and work to both preserve the character of their communities and to provide a better quality of life.

Mudgee, too, celebrates its regional history and traditions. And it proudly progresses towards a more sustainable environment, ethical artisan food production, and a holistic approach to growing and marketing locavore food and wine. For all that, its greatest resource is its people – unpretentious people with small-town values and high lifestyle expectations – not a bad recipe for society at large.


"The best way to experience the essence of Mudgee is an early morning walk along the river followed by a visit to the monthly Farmers Market. Social as well as functional, the markets are a little window into the quality of the lifestyle of the Mudgee local, plus a great introduction to local producers and their products."

− Cameron Anderson, architect and recent arrival


Mudgee has a strong market culture with the Church Markets at St John’s on the first Saturday of every month; the Lawson Park Markets on the second Saturday; the main Mudgee Farmers Market at St Mary’s on the third Saturday; and the Gulgong Markets on the fourth Saturday. On the Sunday following the Farmers Market take a guided ‘Farm Walk’ tour of producers’ properties and get to know where your food comes from. Mudgee has over 40 cellar doors to visit, so do your homework to find out who produces your favourite wine varietals and plot your course. You’ll find international styles too – Italian varietals at Di Lusso and Spanish at Vinifera. And just when your palate is feeling complacent, give it a jolt with a moonshine whisky from the Baker Williams Distillery or a malty porter from the Mudgee Brewing Company’s micro-brewery.


The fine heritage facades lining Mudgee’s wide streets provide an insight into the region’s historical significance.  Excursions both north-west to Gulgong and east to Rylstone, Kandos and the dramatic Dunns Swamp area offer absorbing day trips. Heritage-listed Gulgong is so historic it still has horse troughs and hitching rails in its streets. Many buildings date back to the 1870s including the Prince of Wales Opera House in which Dame Nellie Melba once performed. Also visit the Gulgong Pioneers Museum which will transport you back so evocatively you’ll forget where you parked your horse and sulky. Rylstone dates back to the 1830s but, while it retains a charming 19th Century streetscape and pace of life, is full of surprises. Don’t miss 29Nine99, a delightful Shaanxi-style dumpling and tea house, the lively artisan and produce market, or a local olive oil that owes some of its gloss to a win at the New York International Olive Oil awards.


At the river end of Church Street, opposite the Mudgee Brewing Company, admire the Regent Picture Theatre, opened in 1935 and a classic of Art Deco movie house design.


Those who believe the world is getting smaller will be cheered to know that in the 1870s, Gulgong (current population around 2500) had 67 pubs.


Mudgee Food & Wine Options

  • Pipeclay Pumphouse & Robert Stein Winery, Pipeclay Lane.  02  6373  3998
  • The Zin House & Lowe Wines, 329 Tinja Lane.  02  6372 1660
  • Alby & Esthers, 4-7/61 Market St.  02  6372 1555
  • Mudgee Brewing Company, 4 Church St.  02  6372 6726
  • Market Street Cafe, 79 Market St.  02  6372 0052
  • Butcher Shop Cafe, 49 Church St.  02  6372 7373
  • The Wineglass Bar & Grill, 97 Market St.  02  6372 7245
  • Roth’s Wine Bar, 30 Market St.  02  6372 1222
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