Step behind the sandstone curtain to find a region with crisp quiet air, flavoured with striking landscapes, rich history and diverse culture. Rejuvenation in Central NSW can be found in peaceful adventures through our scenic national parks and waterways, glamping mountain-side, practising yoga lake-side or taking in the beautiful public art installations, street-side.

Looking for a relaxing list of to do’s? Learn more below.

A rejuvenating walk at Weddin Mountains National Park

The name Weddin is derived from the Wiradjuri word of Weedin, which means a place to sit, stay or remain, relating to the mountains status as a place where youths underwent a period of enforced ceremonial isolation during the course of their initiation.

The Weddin’s have three marked walking tracks. The walk up to Ben Hall’s Cave, the magnificent Eualdrie and Peregrine Lookouts and the Weddin Gap walking track.

Experience another world at Cowra Japanese Gardens

The design of the Cowra gardens is a copy of the first Japanese landscape garden (Strolling garden) built by the first Shogun Tokugawa in the 16th century A.D, the Edo period of Japan in what is now called Tokyo (Edo).

A visit to these gardens will bring a sense of tranquillity and peaceful beauty into your day.

Tune into the Universe at the Dish & Dish Café

Sit beneath the magnificent CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope and enjoy delicious food and grab some fabulous local produce prepared by the award winning café.

Glide across pristine waters with Guided Kayak Tours at Dunns Swamp

Experience the wonders of the breathtaking Wollemi National Park. Stop for a romantic picnic lunch and take in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Yoga by the Lake

Breathe in the beauty of your lakeside surroundings and the relaxation that Yoga generates. Join one the  weekly Yoga sessions held at Lake Canobolas by Ishvare Yogo Studio.

Find a new regional artist at Grenfell Art Gallery

The Art Gallery opened in the Grenfell Community Hub Building in March 2009 and has regular exhibitions on display. Exhibitions feature local and regional artists and sculptors.

Float with the Breezes, Hot Air Ballooning by Aussie BalloonTrek

A gentle lift off from the historic town of Canowindra, with its scenic beauty and striking panorama the setting is ideal for a Hot Air Balloon flight. Usher along the corridors of one of most magnificent valleys in New South Wales, a gentle adventure awaits.

Sit back and take it all in at Carcoar Dam

Located in the heart of country New South Wales, Carcoar Dam is located around a two minute drive from the small town of Carcoar. The area is very picturesque and features recreation activities such as fishing, swimming and boating. There is also a local sailing club.

Soak up the vibrant Public Art Installations in Parkes

Stroll the Parkes CBD and experience the iconic themes of this country community.

And some of our favourite relaxing stays

Everview Retreat – Canowindra

Featuring three beautifully appointed cottages made of stone from the main property, it is the ultimate self-contained accommodation, complete with everything you need to enjoy the gateway you deserve.

Explore at Abercrombie Caves Campground

Abercrombie Caves campground is a picturesque camping area offering walks, swimming, picnicking, birdwatching, with the luxury of a hot shower.

Sierra Escape Glamping

Sierra Escape is Mudgee’s first and only Luxury Eco Glamping experience, located only 20 minutes’ drive to the town of Mudgee. Surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, and breathtaking views, Sierra Escape provides an opportunity to escape from busy city life and immerse yourself in country NSW.

Art + Stay at Rosby Guesthouse

Set amongst the vines, enjoy one of Rosby’s regular art workshops in a casual, social and supportive environment whilst indulging in a gourmet lunch, exclusive winetasting + exquisite views across their vineyard.